Fitness Centre Walls in Place

5 April 2018

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Club founder Roy Finlay would undoubtedly have been delighted to see the progress to-date on the Fitness Centre as the modern realisation of his own ambition for the Club to have its ‘Grecian Pool’.

With the roof in place and the internal walls now erected it is easy to see the proportions of the spaces for the pool, gym, studio and café areas. Decisions are being taken next about the decoration, guest policy, opening times and dress code.

The facility will open to Members in September with a ‘soft launch’ over an initial three-month period. 

This will enable the Fitness Centre Manager and the team to get everything bedded-in  and, at the same time, determine usage patterns and demands for the various facilities and classes on offer. With knowledge gained over this period decisions will be taken about optimum operating times for 2019, with the facility available from 06.30 - 21.30 Monday - Friday and 08.30 - 18.00 at weekends and bank holidays.

From January 2019, it is likely that parts of the facility (if member usage allows) will be open to Members guests as visitors and to Temporary Members. The details will be set out as part of the Club Bye-Laws which will be readily available to view on-line from June 2018.

In addition, if member usage allows, from January 2019 there may also be specific times assigned, with lifeguard presence, for children to use the  pool, with appropriate parental accompaniment.

All details will be under review post opening,  and members will be notified of any changes.



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